Check out this #flyvid from our #archives of @DreadDaze #StillRunnin at the #legendary #houseofblues in 2013. More #flyvids availabe on

Dread Daze is by far my favorite reggae band in #losangeles!!! I was lucky enough to catch up with them at their fourth live appearance at the House Of Blues on the #trendy #sunsetstrip in Hollywood.

Led by charismatic front man Najashi, #dreaddaze is sure to be spreading the vibes in a city near you. If you love #reggae music, do yourself a favor and purchase your tickets in advance!!! After years of Running Around The World, Dread Daze are Still Running.

#TOPTIP: Check out to watch more of their videos!

The Do Me Show was a YouTube show dedicated to promoting the best artists Los Angeles has to offer. My name is Dumi, you can call me Cowboy, The Duminator, The Dumi Lama, or I even heard the iDuminati recently. I do not read youtube comments so feel free to say whatever tickles your fancy. I record and edit [create] these videos for Mo’ Bux Fresh at my own leisure i.e., whenever I have the time. The title, The Do Me Show, is derived from the pronunciation of my name, which is pronounced as Do Me. The title was also chosen to motivate people to believe in themselves, and have so much confidence in themselves that they encourage the world to be themselves too. Don’t be mistaken though, this show is all about me. Blah blah blah, just like my videos and subscribe to my channel.

Shot on #Canon #7D.


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