Video: Virgelia’s 2022 Beauty Queens React To LA’s Homeless Situation – Hollywood Reacts

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Hey Reactors!

In today’s episode Virgelia Productions’ 2022 Beauty Queens took some time to react to Los Angeles’ homeless situation by giving back at A Divine Project’s Thanksgiving Food Drive by Sofi Mamo and A Divine H2o. 

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Charlie Lowe: Hi. Yes, thank you. We’re here to help a very important cause and help the homeless, and we’re here to contribute our time as well as all of our queens, my queen sisters here, we came to help a very important cause to our hearts.

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Sherine Zaza: I would like to say that I really like these charities that are close to home and that really do a lot to get our hands in it. And I’m super excited about being here and actually putting all the food together and they do a phenomenal job every year. I heard about it last year and I really wanted to be a part of it this year.

Decire Penelope: I think the little details that we put in those boxes like… good notes. I just think it’s beautiful just give like good affirmations for whoever is going to receive this food. I think that’s just very beautiful for their hearts.

Celst Che Barioz Ojda: It’s really a privilege to be here right now. I’ve always wanted to serve the community, and I’m so glad to use Virgelia Productions as a platform for it.

HRTV: All right. Raquel, what does, the homeless situation in L.A… what’s your reaction to that?

Raquel Sanchez: You know, if you’re going to be homeless, it might as well be here, especially when you have a lot of foundations like Sofi Mamo’s A Divine H2O that she’s been doing this for several, I don’t know, like over… almost a couple of decades now. Over 1,000,000 meals, warm meals, to homeless people. And I know that a lot of people move out here with big dreams and they don’t always pan out. But yeah, it’s… a great place to come to here to feed them more food, and gather, bring good hearts together.

Zaina Ali: It’s really exciting and very, very well… I’m just saying I’m very excited. I’m here. I just wanna let everybody know that you guys are not alone. This is amazing, results here to serve, you know.

Raquel Sanchez: Who Are you?

Zaina Ali: I am Miss Europe Global. Miss Egypt. So yeah, looking forward to do this every…

Raquel Sanchez: every month.

If you’d like to get involved please visit

Captured by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for Hollywood Reacts at A Divine H2o in West Hollywood, CA.


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