Video: What Motivated Virgelia’s 2022 Beauty Queens To Give Back on Skidrow? – Hollywood Reacts

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Hey Reactors!

In today’s episode Virgelia Productions’ 2022 Beauty Queens let us know what motivated them to give back at A Divine Project’s Thanksgiving Food Drive by Sofi Mamo and A Divine H2o. 

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HRTV: What motivated you to be here today?

Charlie Lowe: Well, for me personally, I’ve been volunteering with my two boys whom are 23 and 21, since they were five years old, with an organization by the name of Boys Team Charity.

Charlie Lowe: So this is something that’s second nature for me. I’m more than excited to be here. And this is again an important cause that I think more of us as a community need to get together and really try to define what’s happening here in our backyard and really do what we can as individuals to help the people in need.

Decire Penelope: I agree with my sister. I think that you should just put in your little grain of rice to help in the community. I’ve also volunteered for years to help humanity in general, and I think this is a great thing to do and just to show our kids and our society that it’s good to help even if you have one hour of your time. Anything helps. And I am Decire Penelope, Mrs. Latina Global.

Sherine Zaza: What motivated me to be here is I really, truly love acting of service, a life of service is what I want to do.

And having your time or money or anything that you have can be donated. And so I think as leaders of our communities, we definitely should be here as an example for people because anything can help. Time, money, resources and I think that we really need to make that awareness.

The homeless here really need a lot of help.

HRTV: And what’s your name? All right. What motivated you to come out today? What motivated you to come out today?

[Name Redacted]: So I have a little brother and his name is [name redacted] , he’s four years old and he just turned four.

HRTV: Great job.

Charlie Lowe: Your here to support your mommy.

HRTV: All right. Awesome. Thank you.

If you’d like to get involved please visit

Captured by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for Hollywood Reacts at A Divine H2o in West Hollywood, CA.


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