In this captivating interview, BJ shares his thoughts on the power of love and its impact on the world. As he graces the blue carpet, you can feel the passion and enthusiasm surrounding the event. Quoting BJ, “Love. It sounds so cliche, but… it is what makes the world go around. And without love, where would we be?”

BJ also reveals his personal experiences of spreading love and making a difference. He dives into the incredible work of the She Ready Foundation, led by the extraordinary Tiffany Haddish. BJ emphasizes the importance of supporting causes and creating awareness for amazing charities.

We also get a glimpse into BJ’s connection with the legendary Betty White, who serves as one of his industry mentors.

As we wrap up, BJ leaves us with a promise of exciting developments in the entertainment news community that will change the dynamics forever. Stay tuned to Love Heals The World for more thrilling moments and opportunities to spread the love!

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Captured, edited and written by Dumisani Maraire Jr.
A Original.

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