Hey Healers! Enjoy this epic interview with the fabulous Heather Wilson, aka Ms. Bounceback, as Love Heals The World captured all the magic at She Ready Foundation’s A Night Under The Stars Adult Prom & Gala in South Central, Los Angeles! 🌟✨

Heather kicks things off by giving a shoutout to the amazing Tiffany Haddish, the visionary behind this unforgettable event. With her signature cool vibes, Heather dives deep into the meaning of love, emphasizing the importance of respect and how it all starts with a solid foundation.

But hold on, Healers! Heather drops some truth bombs about love not being entirely free. She shares her unique perspective on how love should involve some level of reciprocation. Can you relate? Comment below and let us know!

As a self-proclaimed lover and hugger, Heather radiates positive energy and spreads love wherever she goes. You can find her at @mychocolatechipchic and @sheismybounceback. And guess what? She’s even written a book called ‘Ms. Bounce Back,’ which you can grab at MsBounceback.com or on Amazon.

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Captured, edited and written by Dumisani Maraire Jr.
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