The Best You Expo 2023 Pictures

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Pro Tips

Downloading From RCS

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If you’re only here for one or two pictures, just use the individual download buttons on each picture.

To download the full gallery, use the three dot navigation on the gallery and click ‘Download Folder (.zip)’.

Social Media Cropping And Filters

Keep in mind, the pictures we provide you are high-resolution images rendered at a whopping 300dpi (dots per inch) and normally at least 22″ x 14″. That’s more than 90,000 dots.

Cropping or adding filters to an image on Instagram, Facebook and all the other social media websites will reduce the images to 72dpi (at the most) reducing our 90,000 dots above to just slightly over 20,000 dots. That’s a whole lot of lost dots.

Basically, you will be left with a distorted image that will most likely be even lower quality than most cellphone images and your photographer will feel very sad.

The Best Way To Upload To Social Media

If quality is king to you, as it is to us, we highly recommend posting the images in their original high-quality resolution without any added filters or cropping.

This is what will make your images stand out and let your friends and followers know that they were taken by a professional.

Of course, this is entirely up to you and we want you to enjoy your photos in the format that’s most suitable for you.


For this event our team consisted of Tatenda Mbudzi and Evangeline Chen snapping pictures on the red carpet with Dumisani Maraire Jr. capturing red carpet interviews and pictures of the ceremony in the ballroom.

Your Photographer’s name for your specific picture is in the file name of the image.

To credit your photographer, please use:
Facebook: Photography by (Photographer Name) for Red Carpet Series
Instagram: Photography by (Photographer Name) for @redcarpetseries
Website: Photography by (Photographer Name) for

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