Reliving the Epic 41st Annual Dumi Day Bash!
December 29, 2023

Hey there, fabulous friends! 

What an absolute blast it was celebrating the 41st Annual Dumi Day together at the one and only Gyu-Kaku Beverly Hills! A massive shoutout to each and every one of you for turning up and making it an evening filled with unforgettable memories, belly laughs, and all-around fantastic vibes.

Do you know what’s both fascinating and slightly spooky? The ancient Romans, those trendsetters in the party world, had this intriguing belief about birthdays. They thought that on this special day, a person’s spirit was more vulnerable to mischief from evil spirits. So, to combat these mischievous entities, they threw massive parties to encircle the birthday person’s spirit with protection. Now, while I can’t vouch for any lurking evil spirits, having you all around certainly felt like the ultimate protective shield! 🛡️🎂

So I’d like to extend a massive THANK YOU for being a part of this special day! Your presence, your infectious energy, and your heartfelt wishes made the 41st Annual Dumi Day an absolute blast. Here’s to many more adventures, endless laughter, and countless memories together!

Stay awesome, my friends. Until our next epic celebration!

Warmest regards, Dumi 🎉🥳

By the way, this a private unlisted project link. Only people with this link can view the contents.

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